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About the band

GUTTED SOULS started in 2004 when the members of the band NECROPEDOPHILE, after lauching their demo FETAL GORE of 2002, started deviating from their proposed path of making Traditional Death Metal in the vein of Cannibal Corpse, Sinister, Morbid Angel and such. As the musicians started to become more proficient in their respective instruments, the musical direction changed to something more Technical and Progressive.

The band suffered countless setbacks since then, with numerous line-up changes, and the sole remaining member is Iron (IncognoscI, Ex-Anopsy, Ex-Diisgraça).

It was the idea of making Death Metal with lyrics that you would actually want to read, and a desire to inform about the realities of psychopathy, midiatic manipulation, the corruption of science and religion, that made the band resist. Now the band is with an stable formation, all sharing the same vision, and ready to dish out our way of seeing Death Metal. We have since our return shared stage with promissing and stabilished underground acts such as Lacerated and Carbonized, Anopsy, Unearthly, Flageladör, Apocalyptic Raids, Vomepotro, Ayin, Anarkhon, Krisiun, among others.

Right now, we are recording our debut album “Oligarchy and the Illusion of Freedom”, with Rodrigo Oliveira (Korzus) on drums.

Current discography:

As Necropedophile – Fetal Gore – demo – 2003.

Digital promo 2011 – Demo – 2011

Unconscious Automaton – EP – November 2012.

Line up – 2015

Iron – Vocals and concept

Leandro XSA – Lead Guitars

Marcos Medeiros – Bass

Wellington Ferrari – Guitars and Backing vocals

Oman – Live Drumming

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